Lovely day

Had a lovely day out in Chester, just J and I. He parks quite away from the city centre, so a good longish walk. Very hot and sunny out though.


Holy crap, my errrrrr…….. boobies look like balloons, not a good look. Pic by Chester river Dee.


We walked over the suspension bridge (above). Had lunch is a little tea-rooms. I had cream cheese sandwich with spring onion and salad and few crisps.
After a few hrs J said his knee was hurting and my back had started to hurt so we headed back to the car, bought and ate a cornetto on the way, silly me.


Can’t believe how much I binged tonight whilst watching a diet programme.
3 packets ‘lite’ crisps
2 strawberry cornettos
1 ham and tomato sandwich
A plate of ham and tomatoes


I am not happy with myself.

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