Been eating quite healthily today. Did have a hypo at 5pm and ate an oaty chocolate biscuit. Come to bed with no night time snacking. Hopefully no hypos later.


Jealous of my sister whos just booked a holiday to Tunisia. I’m the only one of all my sister’s (4 of us) who doesn’t get a holiday. Moan moan I know, but I feel like moaning and stamping my feet.


I am off to The Bluecoat in Liverpool on Saturday afternoon. With a friend, to learn about the history of the beautiful building, we get a tour of it, it used to be a school.
The Bluecoat


On a late in work tomorrow but hoping to finish 5 so I can pop to the pub in the village as seeing some friends there (they may have eaten by time I get there!!!!)
10:30pm time for some reading and maybe another cup of tea!!!!!!


Can I do the NO SUGAR?

Currently reading A Year Without Sugar, well, am just on the first chapter. Sugar is currently ‘the baddie’ as far as dieting and healthy diet is concerned. Much much worse than FAT.
Fat is now (the good sort), ok, good to eat.
I kind of agree with this. Sugar, of course for me (being type 1 Diabetic) is allowed but really, in moderation as with everything else. Must remind myself of that when stuffing my face with sugar and fat loaded yummy donuts.
I’ve been trying to get my blood sugars lower and in part succeeding, except for recently with a 5 day course of Prednisolone.
My heart has not been in sticking to the Slimming World Plan of late. Too much stress and anxiety on my ‘plate’. I’d love to go back to SW for the fab support and lovely people that go to my West Kirby Monday night class. Maybe I will, tomorrow night or next week?
Back to NO SUGAR.
Yes for a type 1 diabetic I do eat a fairly high sugar diet. I have no ‘stop’ button when eating cakes, sweets, donuts, desserts, donuts! I overload on white bread (hot buttery toast). If it’s in the kitchen, it’s nighttime and its yummy, I eat it. Yep, night time is my worst time for overeating.
I can’t sustain low carb, fat free, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and all that but maybe I could definitely cut down on sugar and even go sugar free, that would be a novelty for me as a diabetic!!!!
Inspired by the first few pages of A Year Of No Sugar by Eve Schaub I am tomorrow, yes tomorrow, going to avoid sugar.
Would’ve started today but it’s Mother’s Day and Jonathans took me out for breakfast (French toast with bacon and maple syrup and a scone with cream), then this evening Thu made sweet little rich chocolate cakes, very nice.
So, tomorrow is the start of a NO SUGAR week. DID you think I was going to go for a whole year??????
Let’s start slowly. One week, NO SUGAR (except for treating hypos). A small amount of sugar/glucose and carbs are needed for treating lo e blood sugars, I cannot get away from this.
Sugar’ s in everything, especially processed foods. So I’ll try to eat home cooked food. Sugar free made foods are full of chemical sweeteners unfortunately, so also best avoided I think. Fruit, I love fruit so that’s fine. I’ll definitely have to look very carefully at what I am about to eat.
Day One is tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Eating wrong things

Yes, am eating crap, tasty crap but fattening. It’s like I just can’t be bothered at the moment. But I desperately want to lose weight and feel better. I’m not giving up. I’m not giving up going to Slimming World though it has crossed my mind because I feel a failure cos my weight loss to date is only 8 lbs having gained 4 lbs last week. I’ll keep going, I’ll make a better effort to change my eating habits, I have to.


Feeling very blah at the moment. What’s new.
Have been thinking I really want an insulin pump so much but my local hospital don’t fund for them. I could get my care transferred to Liverpool and I might have a better chance there plus their diabetes care is better.

Eating v bad

I have been eating all sorts and anything on the basis of being v stressed. It’s like I don’t want to have to think about what I am eating it all, therefore I haven’t. I have not given any thought to the Slimming World Plan, or any healthy eating whatsoever.
Not good.
I know I have gained some weight as trousers are tighter.
I feel sluggish and bloated.
Should I give my Slimming World class a miss tomorrow night?
I will go. I will cringe about my weight gain but I will get motivated by the class consultant Julie and the rest of the class. I will not give up. I know I’m tired, I’m stressed, I’m weary and do feel down, but, am sure things will improve, I hope they improve.
Have started painting the kitchen white. Why? Because I want to. Today I went round to a lovely friends house (with 2 other friends), to do some cleaning. Good exercise! And great to switch off and chat to friends Sarah, Collete and Dave.


Planning on mowing the back garden tomorrow at some point. All exercise is good, now I just need to get the food back on track.



Ohhhhh made a lively chickpea dish tonight.
Chickpeas, cauliflower,sweet potato, tomatos and onions with cumin, ginger, tumeric, chilli powder.
Had some this evening and put some aside for lunch tomorrow.
Feeling very positive about my eating. Neil and J and R are cutting down, though R is tending to missing meals which is not good. Trying to encourage her to have 3 meals a day with healthy snacks. Luckily she loves most fruit. Even J is eating fruit!
Bread and takeaways is the biggest thing they overeat on. Often they’ve ordered the takeaway before I have time to say anything. I try to make meals we’ll all eat but we all like such different things.

20140416-094315 pm.jpg
My chickpea curry!!!!! Needless to say but none of the others would eat it, I think it’s delicious.
Whoo hoo, last day in work tomorrow then off for 11 days.


Totally wanted to snack on stuff today. Anything, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, chocolate, maybe some chocolate.
Spent the day in mum n dads. Mum made me a healthy lunch of ham and tomato sandwich. Then a healthy tea.
Sometimes only crap stuff will do and anything ‘diet’ is not acceptable.
I don’t want low sugar, low fat anything. Not today thank you. But, apart from hslf s chocolate eclair and a bite of a apple pop tart, I have been good.
Think slim, think slim!

20140412-102745 pm.jpg

Good day today

Had a banana for breakfast (was a bit rushed). Had a homemade fetta cheese n ham salad for lunch with peppers, celery, lettuce and tomato. Then a satsuma and a few strawberries.
At home for tea I had lean mince homemade meatballs with tomato and onion and chilli homemade sauce. Then a small portion homemade rasberry crumble eith 0% fat free yogurt.
It’s 9:15pm and so far so good. I’ve even cut down on the tea and coffee today in work.
I shall have a cup of tea before bed but that is all. Nighttime is my problem time with eating. Definately a good day. .


Yep, I’ve had quite an inactive week so far on my week off from work. I always have plans to get out, do some walks (preferably with Neil and J and R), but it never happens.
I so much want for us to all go out together. The only time we do is for the occasional meal out.
I have felt down this week, mainly because I knew we would do nothing much all week. So it’s easier to stay in bed. Easier to just sleep.
Am really looking forward to joining Slimming Workd this time round. A different group, a bit of help and motivation and encouragement.
J has the car in Uni today. R has gone back to sleep, Neil’s on the computer. What to do? I have no enthusiasm for anything. None at all. At least I’m back in work on Tuesday.

Off work

Am off for a week. Only my family (me, Neil,Jonathan’s and Rhi) could have an argument on how we all need to eat healthier and do some exercise.
DID ok today. Made everyone eat breakfast (toast), yes I know there are healthier options.
Lunch was chicken, mash and veg. Tea was homemade meat balls with spaghetti. I did have cornflakes in the evening late. Grrrrrrrrr……….
Spent most of the day sorting out the bedroom, stuff for charity and stuff to be chucked out.
Rhi had a friend round all day which was great for her.


DID fall asleep late afternoon for a few hours, simply must stop doing this because am not sleeping well at night.