#Oh Dear#


Hmmmm…….been eating FAR too much lately. Got to stop this now. Right now. Says me after eating a piece of chocolate fudge cake.
To be honest am feeling yucky. Achy and tired and knackered.
Having shoulder injection/s next Saturday 6th Sept at my Dr’ s. Been in a lot of pain.
Discovered an ice-cream parlour in Heswall. OMG why have I only just discovered this!!!???? Thank you Andrew!


Mine was coffee flavoured ice-cream.
Been out for a few short walks but accompanied by food, or going for food.


The chips from Marigolds are yummy, all salty and vinegary.


J and I are off to Chester tomorrow, lots of walking. Hoping to go down by the river.


Neil at West Kirby, we shared the chips!!!!!!!
Not got any exercise routine, no eating plan, just rubbish really. Not healthy. I need to look after myself better.
Told the kids they can’t have a takeaway for a month now. Their faces were a picture!!!!
Wonder if Neil will give up bread for a week?



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