I went out for my usual Sundaymorning breakfast with my son Jonathan. Then he drove home, I stayed in West Kirbyand went to the gym!!!! I did half an hour on treadmill, can only do a slow speed (2mph) but increased the incline to 5% (level 10).

Slow but steady and was happy that today my lower legs did not hurt. Then I tried a few more weights machines doing 3 sets of 15 reps on each.

Then I went to a local cafe with my book, sat in the sunshine and half read half people watched. Bought myself some spritz summery flowery sprays (I now smell summery!) and a new lipstick. Hubby came for me and I must admit I then was a bit lazy and dozed on the couch!!!!

I’ve just bid and won a new black swimming costume on Ebay (with tummy control). I do currently look like a large rounded potato on skinnt legs! Plus my belly is almost bigger than my boobs! Not a good look! 

Am going to Slimming World to get weighed in morning. Have I been good? Well half n half really. For my heing of 4 ft 11 inches I am too overweight at 12 st 8 lbs or 176 lbs. 

As you can see I have a ‘dent’ in my tummy from 43 years if insulin injections. I am now on an insulin pump (since last September) and I love it, its waterproof so ok for swimming! 

Here’s a pic of my cannula that I have to change every 3 days. 

Also old news, I got a new tattoo several weeks ago

Here it is! 

Time for a cuppa tea! 

Need to stop the cereal

Yes, I have been binging on breakfast cereal yet again. In work today at lunchtime I went to the Friday fruit stall at the front of the hospital. I spent £8 on a big bag of fruit n veg. I had fruit for lunch of course!!!! Along with one small bag French fry crisps. When I got home after work I was craving fish n chips so Neil went to the chippy. I didn’t quite finish all my fish chips and mushy peas! Then stupidly (I wasn’t hungry) I ate 2 bowls of cereal with skim milk. Have come to bed feeling yucky and woken not long ago with high blood sugar. I did have the correct insulin or so I thought.
Am planning on going to the gym after work tomorrow.


I tend to scoff rubbish. Tonight was 1 big bowl of cornflakes and a strawberry cornetto. I wasn’t even hungry. Think I’ll have an early night to minimise silly snacking. Doesn’t seem fair not losing weight when I don’t have takeaways, I no longer drink, I mostly avoid sweets and chocolate. 

All I can do is keep trying (you too Diane). 

Wish that all my weight wasn’t around my middle! 

If you just looked at pic of my face, I dont look overweight! I do need to lose 3 and 1/2 stone or 49 lbs. 


Soooo long

Have not posted in ages. 

Now weight 12 st 8 lbs. joined slimming world, lost 1 lb so far, omg is that all! 

Joined our local leisure centres scheme. Been going to the swimming pool 3 times a week and the gym twice a week.

My long time dieting buddy/friend Judith joined Slimming World again too. 

Little by Little

Ok  am not doing 100% but I’m certainly going to get there. Today for 1st time in ages I felt good about my body. Yes it’s 42 lbs + overweight but Im tired of hating how I look. How silly to do this over so many years. i’m 53 this year (look younger on a good day!) and in need of a healthier lifestyle physically and mentally. It’s in my power to change things.

Very pleased have not snacked last 2 evenings and have made soups and chickpea curry (v healthy). Yes I did eat a (bought for me) custard danish with my lunch. I had the right insulin for it, I enjoyed it. This should be a v rare treat though (like once a year!)

New trainers

A little bit ouch. Put them on just before and did a walk round the block (20 mins or so). Hadn’t lacedthem up to the top so they were slipping a bit at the heel (ie my foot was slipping out of the trainer. Half way round I got backache (lower) and was tempted to ring Neil to come get me! But I didn’t, I carried on. I need to make sure my feet are as comfy and suported as possible. Money is the problem. Im not 100% sure how these trainers will fare on my feet. They were £18, reduced from £32. I did put the support insole in the trainers, tomorrow I’ll try without.  

Pic of part of the walk along a well lit road. 

Am sitting here bare feet with a nice cuppa tea. Reduced my basal insulin by 30% for 3 hrs. Trial and error. 

Sugar free? Almost. I had an orange club biscuit when I got in from work as I was hypo, other than that NO no other bad stuff. X