Healthy self care course

Went on a self care course about well, eating healthier, exercise, self esteem, how we cope with life really. I really enjoyed it.
On the course again tomorrow then back at normally work on Thursday.
We had to start a 30 day good habit chart. Mine is to not eat chocolate for 30 days. I will tick each day off as I go along. I need to have a minimum sugar, low carb but healthy carbs lifestyle, with regular exercise thrown in.
The thing is, I love sweets, cakes, chocolate and stuff like that, but I don’t know when to stop – I binge
I don’t need sugary foods in my diet. I can eat them if I want to but you are better off minimising that.
For when I just gotta have chocolate, maybe I should buy the darkest sort I can.
The other day I ate 2 donuts and 2 cream chocolate large buns. DID I really need to eat that much? NO.
Do I need 4 large hot buttered slices of toast almost every evening? NO.
Do I need a massive bowl of cornflakes every evening? NO.


I need to eat more sensibly.
Ah, I did 10 minutes on the treadmill again tonight at 2.4
Better than nothing!!!!!

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