Snacking is my biggest weight loss downfall. Evening snacking. Something I’ve always done.
Somehow, on my scales managed to weigh 2 lb less. I don’t believe it for one minute as on the scales at work I’d gained a lb.


Been sleeping a lot this past few days, tired.
Made a healthy cottage pie tonight, also a lovely oatey rhubarb crumble. Had an omelette for breakfast, trying to cut down on the carbs.
Whoop hoo, went on the treadmill tonight for 10 minutes, ok only at 2.4 speed, and my pulse stayed just over 100 – never said I was fit at moment which is why I took it slowly. Neil also did 10 minutes same speed. To begin with, little and often. Walking of course.
Full of aches n pains at moment and my neuropathy has kicked off, on my arms, burning. Must tell diabetic team when I go in November.
Back to taking Zapain at night. Hoping I can have steroid injections in my shoulder soon.
Other than that and my puffed-out-ness, am ok!!!!!


Must ring weight management place to get booked on the course, why do I always put things off……….?

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