Off work

Am off for a week. Only my family (me, Neil,Jonathan’s and Rhi) could have an argument on how we all need to eat healthier and do some exercise.
DID ok today. Made everyone eat breakfast (toast), yes I know there are healthier options.
Lunch was chicken, mash and veg. Tea was homemade meat balls with spaghetti. I did have cornflakes in the evening late. Grrrrrrrrr……….
Spent most of the day sorting out the bedroom, stuff for charity and stuff to be chucked out.
Rhi had a friend round all day which was great for her.


DID fall asleep late afternoon for a few hours, simply must stop doing this because am not sleeping well at night.

Wednesday’s blog, 13th Nov

Spent Saturday in Manchester with J. DID a lot of walking but ate rubbish. Food court food, not healthy.
Still pretty much managing to avoid chocolate. Though have been craving drinks of hot chocolate!!!!!
Exercise? No not really. Once again I’ll aim to walk to work tomorrow if I can get up on time.
Got my birthday pressy studio photo shoot on Saturday.
( 2 1/2 hrs in photo studio, 3 outfit changes, glass of bubbly, hair and make-up done.)
Only got 2 outfits. Wish I was skinnier for the shoot. Feeling FAT is not nice. You get 2 six by four sized photos free and of course they want you to buy more. Pity I can’t afford any. Kinda looking forward to it, but dreading it too.
Although I take a lot of photos of myself I absolutely hate having my photo taken.
Made a yummy shepherds pie for us all tonight, though R did not want any. Trying to get us all as a family to eat healthier is not easy. We all seem to eat at different times too.
Got my diabetic check up at the hospital on Friday morning. Wonder how that will go? I know my Hba1c is too high.


Healthy self care course

Went on a self care course about well, eating healthier, exercise, self esteem, how we cope with life really. I really enjoyed it.
On the course again tomorrow then back at normally work on Thursday.
We had to start a 30 day good habit chart. Mine is to not eat chocolate for 30 days. I will tick each day off as I go along. I need to have a minimum sugar, low carb but healthy carbs lifestyle, with regular exercise thrown in.
The thing is, I love sweets, cakes, chocolate and stuff like that, but I don’t know when to stop – I binge
I don’t need sugary foods in my diet. I can eat them if I want to but you are better off minimising that.
For when I just gotta have chocolate, maybe I should buy the darkest sort I can.
The other day I ate 2 donuts and 2 cream chocolate large buns. DID I really need to eat that much? NO.
Do I need 4 large hot buttered slices of toast almost every evening? NO.
Do I need a massive bowl of cornflakes every evening? NO.


I need to eat more sensibly.
Ah, I did 10 minutes on the treadmill again tonight at 2.4
Better than nothing!!!!!

Too fat

had a photo tsken earlier. Sooooooo ashamed at how fat I looked on it. I gotta stop eating.
Was going to go far a walk round WK marine lake earlier but it has poured down all day.
Tomorrow am going to walk round it twice since I ate a bag of chips tonight, Jaki’s fault!
Went to Heswall in morning and then walked to Michelles, had few hours nattering with cuppas.
Went to Jaki’s in evening with The Coven (me, Jaki, Sarah, Colette), Michelle is also a member!!!

20130906-100151 PM.jpg


Well, get to go and see the dentist on Wed morning, can’t wait. Fed up of the pain. Am I just being a baby? NO.
Food not so important when in pain! S’funny how you can still manage to eat rubbish though!!!!


Jonathan is going on a weight management course via GP, he (Jonathans) kindly said I might want to go too, Gp will speak to me when I go see him Wed evening for un-weight related visit.
As long as I can fit in in around work that’s fine by me.
Still not wearing my false teeth, honestly such a ‘hag’. Too painful to put them in. Not a good look.


Had to go to physio earlier today (yep back pain). Had to take off work tunic and had back massage type thing. Then did few exercises, physiotherapist said look in mirror (full length mirror). OMG, how many ‘spare tyres’ do I have front and back? Not nice to see in the cold light of day/physio cubicle.


Weighing Day

Got weighed at work today, appear to have gained a lb or two. Not to worry, I expected it with having gone away and had a thoroughly good time as you can see!


So, currently weigh 73 kgs. Hmmmm……..must hop on my home scales in the morning and see what I am in stones/lbs.
Was v naughty at lunch in work and bought a sandwich from the hospital shop instead of eating the tin of tomato and basil soup I had taken in for lunch. Chicken and mayo sandwich on light rustic (light as air) bread was hardly worth almost 300 calories.
Ham and tomato sandwich for tea at home – yep, more bread.


Avoided a chocolate binge. Asked Neil to pop to shop for Friday Night Treats ( that’s what Friday’s are for yes?). But changed my mind at last minute so he didn’t pop to shop.


The more I avoid binging the better. Cutting down on all the rest of the extra snacking will hopefully be ‘the norm’ eventually. As will daily exercise!


Hell yeah!!!!!


Had a buffet In work at lunchtime. One of the Clerks was leaving. Ate quite a few things! I always have good intentions at buffets but give in to temptation when faced with all the nibbles.
Weighed 11 st 3 lbs on my scales this morning. So have not lost any weight mainly because I have not made any effort. DID do lots of dancing doing the room thus last week so is better than no exercise whatsoever. Have come to bed tonight without late night snacking which is good.

Good day so far, 6pm

Had a good day so far. Had banana for breakfast, Slim Shake for lunch – flipping starving now
Chicken, veggies and gravy for tea, with a banana afterwards. Spoilt it by having, let me see………4 pieces of hot buttered toast in the evening.Still, could have been worse I suppose!
Have made it to 11:40pm with no further EATING.
Apart from being in work all day, I haven’t done ANY exercise.
Stepped on scales in work (with uniform+boots on) and weighed 73.6 lbs.