Just do it

I’m not just doing it. Yes I’m eating healthier, but those pesky snacks n nibbles, grrrrrr……..
Got my cousins wedding do in mid June, want to be slimmer for that-better get moving.
Need to get counting my syns.
Not a lot planned for today, cleaning, lots of cleaning!
maybe just maybe I’ll get using the treadmill too!

20140510-102229 am.jpg
Did I say I’m getting my shoulder done? Had my right one done in March, now at end of the month getting my left one done. Not looking firward to the general anaesthetic and morphine/tramadol mix though.
R is just pestering me to fix her clothes. i’d better go! .

50/50 day

Hmmmm…..today, well, I worked half day, went to a meeting in the afternoon and cleaned, made tea.
Also did 15 mins on treadmill, whoo hoodoo.
Never, never try to make a pancake mix out of milk, chocolate slim fast, egg and flour. Ok, it made a good batter but hmmmm…….. not the nicest of pancakes. I might have eaten a few, try to try them.
Treated myself to a sherbet fountain in the evening and ended up convered in the stuff.
Drinking lots of tea and decaffeinated coffee in the evening to stop me eating. Sometimes it works, not always.


Am bored with my hair colour (above) and want it blonder but am reluctant to do it myself for fear it will knacker it, frizz it.


Got a phone call from my GP surgery to make an appointment following up my shoulder xray, to discuss result with doctor. I reckon he’ll just say that yes I can have the steroid/cortisone injections into it.we shall see, my app isn’t till 24th ish.
My shoulder has been utterly painful, making me cry almost, it is so so painful at night and morning and hurts through the day too. My rheumatoid arthritis is kicking off a bit at the moment but luckily not too bad thanks to the methotrexate. My hands hurt a lot though, perhaps I need to get my splints out and wear them sometimes.? My knees and hips hurt sometimes but again the pain is manageable with strong painkillers when I need them. Bag of aches eh!!!!!!


Still managing to avoid chocolate!!

Oh dear donuts

Wish I hadn’t pressed the snooze button so many times on the alarm this morning, would have been nice to walk to work.
Usual sort of day in work. Wasted a whopping 566 calories on a not too nice chicken and stuffing baguette from the shop at work.


Then to top it all off I ate 2 ring donuts covered in pink icing and hundreds and thousands. DID I really need 2?
I did go on the treadmill for 10 minutes in the evening!


Just sitting watching Sarah Millican on tv now with a nice cup of decaffeinated coffee. Early night for me, then some reading before I go to sleep. I would like to walk to work in the morning.

Healthy self care course

Went on a self care course about well, eating healthier, exercise, self esteem, how we cope with life really. I really enjoyed it.
On the course again tomorrow then back at normally work on Thursday.
We had to start a 30 day good habit chart. Mine is to not eat chocolate for 30 days. I will tick each day off as I go along. I need to have a minimum sugar, low carb but healthy carbs lifestyle, with regular exercise thrown in.
The thing is, I love sweets, cakes, chocolate and stuff like that, but I don’t know when to stop – I binge
I don’t need sugary foods in my diet. I can eat them if I want to but you are better off minimising that.
For when I just gotta have chocolate, maybe I should buy the darkest sort I can.
The other day I ate 2 donuts and 2 cream chocolate large buns. DID I really need to eat that much? NO.
Do I need 4 large hot buttered slices of toast almost every evening? NO.
Do I need a massive bowl of cornflakes every evening? NO.


I need to eat more sensibly.
Ah, I did 10 minutes on the treadmill again tonight at 2.4
Better than nothing!!!!!



As you can sort of see from the photo above, I am standing next to our motorised treadmill that conveniently folds up easily. Brilliant it is.
Feel v bad that I do not use it, well, rarely ever, for like 10 minutes at a time, a few times in last several weeks, ok months.
Went to dentist who said “your gum is not healing properly”. Am I surprised? Errrrr….. nope. Think that’s why am in so much pain.
She cleaned it out, very swiftly/quickly packed it with stuff and sent me on my way with a antibiotics.
So hoping the pain goes away and it heals so I can put my dentures (ie false teeth) back in.
Can’t believe I am
1 : FAT
2 : frumpy
3 : toothless and
4 : age 50 on Sunday.


Getting off my bum

Just watching a tv programme called FAT The Fight of my Life. Am so inspired that as soon as its finished I’m hopping on the treadmill that has my clean washing hanging on it!
neil needs to work on loding weight, feeling better and flipping sleeping propetly.

20130804-094139 PM.jpg
kids have just had a takeaway. Our healthy eating is noneexista t i
Rubbish eating. Though it is difficult to eat nice healthy food when you have only £4 in the bank. Luckily Neil’s pension goes in tomorrow.

20130804-094449 PM.jpg
Did buy some chocolate pretzals earlier, must say they are not that nice. Nit part of a healthy diet either.
Tomorrow will be a healthy day ok.

So determined

I am so determined not to be FAT and FIFTY ( yes, am 50 in August).


I am just so Fed up of being overweight. Hehe……..stopped me buying chocolate, cakes and sweeties in Sainsburys tonight!
Just put on a chickpea curry for lunch tomorrow.


DID not get up early this morning to go on treadmill, got up too late.


Honestly, I am in many ways, a lazy person. NoT!