Took J out for lunch today to a local pub. Very nice. It is so lovely out, feel I should be outside in the sunshine!

20140521-040610 pm-57970070.jpg
Was debating whether to have a coffee in Heswall but came home instead. Maybe I can get Neil to go for a walk later? Feeling a bit post-lunch lazy at the moment. I do like to sleep!
Went for a walk round the block with Neil, blew a few cobwebs away. Feeling a bit blah, sometimes it’s hard to get on top of feeling down moods.
In the middle of cooking a Slimming World quiche for later and lunch tomorrow.
Cottage cheese , tub of
3 eggs
Mix altogether and bake. Usually I pop other things in it like onion, tomatoes or peppers but didn’t have any in the fridge.
Time to relax now

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