Another good loss

Went to my Slimming World class tonight. OMG stepped on the scales and had lost 3.5 lbs. Making 11 lbs gone altogether. Could you hear me scream for joy?!!!!!


We had a taster session in class tonight and people brought in 0 syn and low syn nibbles, very nice.
My blood sugar was very high tonight, all I can think it a mixture of not testing since breakfast (I may have needed some insulin), I didn’t have any during the day cos I didn’t eat any carbs. I don’t think I did?
Blood sugar is currently down to 22.4, I’ll be happier when it’s below 10.
Need to eat more balanced meals this week, with some carbs. Starting with breakfast in morning since I rarely eat breakfast these days. Tomorrow it’s 2 weetabix and skim milk.


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