Studio shoot

Well. Bought in all 6 dresses for the photo shoot. 5 of them were from EBay. 4 of them did not quite fit……..
I chose a knee length black sparky one and a deep fuchsia one. Bought some sparkly jewellery from Primark. Washed my hair in the afternoon, this was yesterday.
Neil ran me to Walton, Liverpool. Bit of a dumpy area.
Eventually we found the small photo studio. Neil went to find somewhere to park n sit in the car.
Sat on a couch looking out at the traffic, they offered me a cup of coffee. Waited and waited then a girl said to follow here to a small room, 2 mirrors, radio on. She did my make-up ( 10 mins tops), whilst checking on her phone.
Waited about half he on couch in small corridor. Photographer showed me to small changing room. Git changed.
Went to small space next to changing room, rolls of paper to stand on. Several photos in various poses. Snap snap snap all done. Got changed into 2nd dress, didn’t bother with shoes. Snap snap snap, silly naff hat, scraggly feather boa. Same poses, done.
Got changed, waited on corridor couch, Neil came in. Waited ages. Went to viewing room, small room with widescreen tv and a couch. Bored member of staff showing each photo. I’ve gotta say some of them were ghastly. I know I’m FAT but on them I looked like the side of a house..
I had to bite my tongue to stop me saying “oh f@$&”
Felt bit embarrassed really that Neil viewed them.
Managed to find 3 that were sort of ok. Girl said we get to choose 1 and get two print-outs of it. She said any other pic would be £50. Ahhh no thank you.
Here is the photo


It wasn’t a bad experience, just, well not quite what I expected. Difficult though because I didn’t know what to expect.
Must thank Kate who bought me the voucher for my birthday.
Pic of me I took when I got home


Close-up of studio photo


Maybe when I’m slimmer it would be nice to get a proper photo done, not in that studio though!!!!!

Been v crap and diet and gained few lbs. DID have a lovely bottle of wine last night though oh yeah and a burger!!!!!
Downloaded onto my Kindle
Behave Like A Pancreas. Meant to be very good at helping type 1’s. Need to eat healthier.
Made healthy chicken dinner today. See, I can cook!

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