Wednesday’s blog, 13th Nov

Spent Saturday in Manchester with J. DID a lot of walking but ate rubbish. Food court food, not healthy.
Still pretty much managing to avoid chocolate. Though have been craving drinks of hot chocolate!!!!!
Exercise? No not really. Once again I’ll aim to walk to work tomorrow if I can get up on time.
Got my birthday pressy studio photo shoot on Saturday.
( 2 1/2 hrs in photo studio, 3 outfit changes, glass of bubbly, hair and make-up done.)
Only got 2 outfits. Wish I was skinnier for the shoot. Feeling FAT is not nice. You get 2 six by four sized photos free and of course they want you to buy more. Pity I can’t afford any. Kinda looking forward to it, but dreading it too.
Although I take a lot of photos of myself I absolutely hate having my photo taken.
Made a yummy shepherds pie for us all tonight, though R did not want any. Trying to get us all as a family to eat healthier is not easy. We all seem to eat at different times too.
Got my diabetic check up at the hospital on Friday morning. Wonder how that will go? I know my Hba1c is too high.


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