Slimming World

Bit of a odd day. Didn’t get up till 11:40 am. Then I had to shower and get ready quickly to be in work for 12:45 pm. Finished work about 4:30pm. Got home. Tired. Next thing you know it’s time to go get weighed at Slimming World.
Whoo hoo I lost 2 lbs this week. Am really pleased. Feel very.motivated after class, such nice people that go there, very supportive.

12 lbs lost so far.

Did a healthy shop after class. Made a sweet corn, chicken and spring onion soup with stock cube, pepper and a large pinch of Chinese 5Spice powder. Also made a chicken and grape salad ready for lunch tomorrow.
Bought a packet of sugar free herbal Ricola sweets. Thought they’d be syn free (with being sugar free), but no. They’re 5.5 syns per box. Ok I guess if the box lasts me all week.
Am back to my normal job tomorrow. Feeling very anxious about it. Silly I know. I could not stand more stress.
So many things make me angsty, stressed and anxious and on edge. I need a chill pill/s.


2 thoughts on “Slimming World

  1. Excellent work, Keep it up. How long have you been on Slimming World? I’ve been doing it 2 months and have lost 11lbs to date. I’m off for weigh in this morning as hubby was late home from work last night, I expect a 2lb gain after a hectic weekend of eating out and I’m not used to the morning weigh in. Not to be disheartened though, I’ll go, face it and work my butt off for a better result next week. Good to hear you’ve got your mojo back,. We can all get through this together x

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    • Hiya, been on Slimming World about 15 weeks. Had a lit of weeks recently getting nowhere with losing. Bought myself a 12 week countdown, am determined to keep going. Well done on losing 11 lbs so far, that’s great. Xxxx


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