Been fairly good managing to avoid the sweet stuff. Today I ate good, but in the evening everyone had takeaway so I opted for plain burger and fries. The burger was very dry which I assume is better than ooozing grease. ? Ate this even though had beans on toast for tea earlier.
I fell asleep so Neil and I didn’t do our short evening walk tonight. Hoping to do some walking tomorrow after work.
We are all going away to a hotel for one night. R does not really want to go, bless her, she said she was going for me. I know how very very hard it is for her. She is also worrying about her GCSE results and going to 6th form college.
Am hoping one night away might give us a nice little break since we can no longer go on or afford holidays.
I don’t want to stress R out too much though, she needs a lot of care and understanding and time.
J is getting on with his dissertation which is due in on Monday. I know in lots of ways this had been a very stressful time for him.
Can you believe I am 51 on Monday! Think age is catching up with me!


Came to bed with a blood sugar of 20. Even though I included (see, getting the terminology now) correctly for said burger, so just had to have a correction dose. Also forgot to have levemir at my usual 8pm and had it 11:30pm instead. Grrrr…….
Hoping blood sugar is better in morning.

1 thought on “Eating

  1. Hi Cathy, love reading your blog, you’ve inspired me to start one too! Mine is clairewest’s blog and I started it today.

    Well done on your 12.5 lbs and good luck with the rest of your journey xx


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