Eye Eye

Got this…..


Looks worse than it is.
Walked part way home from work tonight, my back was hurting though so Neil picked me up then we went to Asda.
Ate a healthy tea and now just going for a short walk round the block with Neil.
Feeling v v stressed, as we all are, talk about cracking up.
I got some new pills from the GP. Beta blockers. Can apparently make my asthma worse but I’d rather that than falling apart with stress and anxiety. Our GP is very good.
Got to go for a scan on my neck, had deep pain in it, not my joints/muscles etc the physiotherapist said. Ah yes my back/shoulder physio each week is going well.
Neil’s knocking back the.morphine for his pain.wirral Advocacy suggested he keep the number to the Samaritans by the phone, truly they did.
I don’t want to whinge but just how.much stress and anxiety can one family take?


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