Eating good

Half day in work. Didn’t eat breakfast which is something I mean to change. Came home, had some salad and homemade coleslaw with 40g cheese. Then at 2pm walked up to the village. Was a tiny bit of a struggle as my lower back was hurting and I was a bit puffed perhaps due to the beta blockers?. Still, I enjoyed the walk.
Got to the village and met Bill (Neil’s dad) then j came up in the car and the 3 of us went into the local pub for lunch.
I had braised steak with mash and peas. I did order dessert.
Ohhhhhh what to choose? All desserts seemed like they’d be high in syns. I chose trifle with cream.
It was gorgeous, but a massive portion and perhaps not the best choice. But I did enjoy it!!!!!!!! It was nice sitting in the pub chatting to J and Bill.
Got home, had a snooze due to large lunch!  Didn’t have an evening meal as such, just a bowl of strawberries with creme fraiche.
J had taken R to the Opticians this morning then onto Chester Uni to take some books back.
Feel much more relaxed due to the pills Dr G put me on, so glad I got put on them. Hopefully when things here at home improve, I can then come off them eventually.
Made a chicken thing for lunch tomorrow. Chicken in creme fraiche with light mayo and curry powder, with a portion of my homemade coleslaw with lots of rocket salad leaves and tomato and celery. Then I’ll have fresh fruit for afters.
Am feeling very motivated and good about being on the Slimming World plan.
It’s 1:35 am so I’d better read for a little bit then go to sleep.


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