Saturday’s rainy blog post

I’m no good with these blog pages, can’t get the proper hang of it. Keep losing my password, changing it, losing it. Driving me nuts. I was great with my old no longer web site using Dreamweaver but gave that one up some time ago.
Well, woke up this morning totally confused thinking it was Sunday, took me all morning and into the afternoon to get that it’s Saturday!
Had v healthy breakfast of fresh fruit and 0% plain greek yogurt, felt very good.
J and I went to Heswall for some art pens for R. We called in Thorntons Cafe, ok I did have a cuppa tea oh and a non fatty bacon with cranberry with salad sandwich with a few crisps.
Need to eat ‘free food’ for rest of the day.
My hair is like a total frizz and I am really tempted to cut it v short. Would I regret it?


Short hair many years ago about 2004.
Current frizzy hair


I have not truly been sticking to the Slimming World plan, just been on and off it. I am really trying though because I don’t want to lose control of my eating and undo all the lovely weight loss I have had so far – whoo hooo 12 and a half pounds. I know I can eat healthily.
I was (last night), considering not going to get weighed Monday night, but I decided I am going to get to my ideal weight, a healthy weight and I’m going  to feel better and only with support and motivation can I do this.
J and I went for a walk last night, we ‘ll go again tonight. Neil can’t at the moment, walking causes him too much pain.
R has been doing lots of art which is lovely.


Mad pic of J and me!


Me wearing J’ s uni hoody.


My fave pic of us all taken about 7 years ago.


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