Weight management course

Today, went on the NHS ‘Measure Up’ weight management course. Got to the community centre for 6pm. Filled in a few info sheets. Got weighed, height and waist measurements.
There was about 15 in the class, mostly women, just 2 men.
Felt very motivated. I mean, it’s not like I don’t know stuff about food and exercise, but getting weighed etc is a big motivator.
Got me record booklet. Got my portion (food) amounts that I am allowed. Not counting calories as such but am allowed round 1300 a day.

My goals this week are
1:stick to portion plan
2:exercise each day

Am making a healthy chicken soup for lunch tomorrow. I can smell it cooking as I type!!!!
There is a Zumba class before the weight session, I’ll go do this next week! Well, I’ll give it my best go!!!!

I can do this and the best thing is J and R are going on the same course and Neil will just do what we tell him!!!!!


I weigh 72.6 lbs this week. Which is 11 st 6 lbs. Difficult to get used to thinking of my weight in kgs.
Ohhhhhh I shall be so nervous going to get weighed next week!!


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