Blah Monday

Feeling blah,down,Fed up .
R not gone into school again. She is not sleeping at night. Neil still asleep, he goes to bed incredibly late, always has done, then is tired in day. J is still asleep, he is always tired, again going to sleep too late.
Ok it’s only 9:30am but I want my family up and doing normal family things. Doesn’t happen.
Spoke to NHS weight management team and got R on the 10 week course (it was a 12 week but they cut it to 10 – WHY?).
She starts one to one sessions at end October.
My first weight management meeting is tonight at 6pm. We can’t do a ‘family’ session as we all fall into different age groups. DUMB.
Don’t feel like eating breakfast but will force myself to have yogurt and a banana. And maybe I’ll feel better after a cup of coffee (decaff).
Waiting for a phone call from the school, I asked them to ring me.
Wish my grey cloud would go away. My worries, my concerns, my anxiety.


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