I’ve been on a ‘if I want it I’ll eat it’ type of diet. It’s so liberating giving yourself permission to just eat what you want when you want. Of course there are consequences, especially if you have the type of body that gains weight easily ie you haven’t got the sort of body that lets you eat anything and everything and never gain an ounce.
I’ve gained a few pounds, just a few thankfully, but if I carry on on this ‘if I want it I’ll eat it’ plan, it’ll end up mire than a few lbs especially since I’m not doing any form of exercise.


Oh to be skinny again (photo France 2003)
I started on and off using MyFitnessPal. Maybe I should make more use of it? So today I’ve managed to keep within my calories. Exercise? Errrrrrrm nope, but I did sleep a lot which means I wasn’t eating.


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