A good Day 2

Tuesday 16th June 2015

Had a good food day yesterday and stayed under the calories on MyFitnessPal. Good so far today too, under the cals again and have made myself some sugar free jelly for later, if I must! 

In truth I don’t want to follow any plan, I don’t want to count any foods. I’ve spent too many years doing it, far too many years. But also in truth I need to watch what I am eating, well, forever now. Not just to lose weight and keep it off but for my diabetes too. Damn!!!!

If I was happy this weight then all well and good, but I’m not. My back aches from being my current weight. I hate the way I look. I don’t feel good in outfits. All I see is a round person. 

Moan over!!!!  


Miserable me eh!!!!!!

Me (above) last week feeling very chunky!!!!

I’ve told Neil (hubby) he’s got to  stop scoffing high calorie high fat high sugar foods. Ok have a treat or 2 at weekends but that is all. 

 Exercise? Ok we’ll get round to that at some point soon!!!  

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