Sugary Overload

Yep last few days have totally overloaded on sugary stuff, no wonder am feeling knackered and tired. Back to NO SUGAR tomorrow.
Jonathans and I joined the Livewell Programme, NHS. We go get weighed on a Monday morning after Easter. Was hopingg the sessions would be the other end of the week since Slimming World is on a Monday evening. Am joining Jonathan to support him. Not that we need classes on what to eat or how to eat. That’s what I don’t get. These programmes never address why people eat the way they do, why they go for the un healthier foods. Most people nowadays know how they should be eating, they know how to read food labels and what makes them overweight. Most people know they should eat less processed foods, make better choices. People don’t need to be told ‘eat this instead of this’. None of the diet plans, programmes, clubs etc look at the reasons why people are unsuccessful losing weight from the psychological angle. To me this is a bigger issue.
Dietary advice changes often making it confusing. Sugar is the baddie at the moment not FAT. It seems true that since the advice to eat totally low fat was introduced, we all got fatter. Obviously you’ve got to be careful what types of ‘fat’ you eat, fried foods NO, but nothing wrong with butter, cream and cheese. Low fat packaged foods or ready meals aren’t that nice. Low fat yogurts contain chemicals. Fresh food is always best.
Yet I still continue to comfort eat, to mindlessly eat, to crave crap foods. Hopefully I’ll change the way I eat and get losing weight. Eating well/healthily and enjoying your food should not be a struggle or full of guilt.
I don’t want to feel a failure at losing my 30 or so lbs. I want to feel better and look better.


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