Slimming World

I went to Slimming World class tonight and am very pleased to have stayed the same, phew. I enjoyed class. My longest best friend Judith joined SW, gosh we’ve been slimming on and off together for about 15 years!!!!


Pic of Judith in our back garden years ago.


Judith and I many years ago (at least 14 yrs ago), in Gullivers World. </s

Elaine who I joined Slimming World with last year, she has and is doing brilliantly losing weight.
I will admit to a portion of jam roly poly today with double cream, actually it was far too sweet. So, am aiming still to avoid the sugary stuff, eat healthier and stick to the SW plan. Plus do some exercise when I feel better as am feeling light headed all the time, May try get a Dr app for after work tomorrow.


Here’s to me losing those lbs again. (Pic above about 2003)

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