Time for myself


Don’t seem to have had time to think today. Was a Looooong day in work, got to work 8am and caught bus home at 6pm.
Neil had his carpal tunnel operation today. All went fine, his hand is bandaged for 2 weeks.
My right shoulder’ s been hurting all day. Boo hoo.
Had a frothy coffee Thursday today ( thanks to Kayleigh). Tomorrow is frothy coffee Friday (the frothy coffee out of the drinks machine at work is nice).


Will be getting weighed at work in the morning by Nurse Karen………hoping I’ve lost at least point something or other of a kilogram.
Still managing to avoid eating chocolate. ATE hmmmm…. today
Chicken and mayo and sweet corn roll
Peanut Tracker (I was hypo)
Veg stir fry
Pasta and some not very nice frozen sausage ( I did cook them!).
Rich tea biscuits (hypo in evening).


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