50/50 day

Hmmmm…..today, well, I worked half day, went to a meeting in the afternoon and cleaned, made tea.
Also did 15 mins on treadmill, whoo hoodoo.
Never, never try to make a pancake mix out of milk, chocolate slim fast, egg and flour. Ok, it made a good batter but hmmmm…….. not the nicest of pancakes. I might have eaten a few, try to try them.
Treated myself to a sherbet fountain in the evening and ended up convered in the stuff.
Drinking lots of tea and decaffeinated coffee in the evening to stop me eating. Sometimes it works, not always.


Am bored with my hair colour (above) and want it blonder but am reluctant to do it myself for fear it will knacker it, frizz it.


Got a phone call from my GP surgery to make an appointment following up my shoulder xray, to discuss result with doctor. I reckon he’ll just say that yes I can have the steroid/cortisone injections into it.we shall see, my app isn’t till 24th ish.
My shoulder has been utterly painful, making me cry almost, it is so so painful at night and morning and hurts through the day too. My rheumatoid arthritis is kicking off a bit at the moment but luckily not too bad thanks to the methotrexate. My hands hurt a lot though, perhaps I need to get my splints out and wear them sometimes.? My knees and hips hurt sometimes but again the pain is manageable with strong painkillers when I need them. Bag of aches eh!!!!!!


Still managing to avoid chocolate!!

2 thoughts on “50/50 day

  1. 😦 Sorry you’re in so much pain. I’m amazed you’re able to get your exercise in when you have to deal with that kind of hurt. Good for you!

    P.S. I like the blonde hair on you in the second picture…go for it!


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