Button popping

OMG, the button on my work pants popped on Friday. I knew it was gonna go.
Saw the dietician at the hospital. Weight pretty much same. Hate hopping on the scales. I always breathe in!!!!!!
Hot weather makes me feel fatter which is most unfair.
Went fir long walk with J today which was nice. Actually wore a pair of shorts.
DID some garden rubbish clearing in the evening when it was cooler. So, got a fair bit exercise today. DID have a magnum ice cream in the evening!!!!


Also went for short walk with Neil last night. And went walking the other night though DID have meal out with Nicki.



Went to see the Dr this morning as I have been having daily backache. He said my spine is curved, scoliosis. Now I have to have physio to strengthen my back.


As you can see from the photo, I like desserts!!!!!
Because I am so unhappy with how I look, I have got to make more of an effort with trying to lose weight.
J and I are going for another walk tomorrow. Neil, unfortunately is not  up to any long walks.


Group photo of The Coven ( me, Sarah,Michelle and Jaki ). We meet up now and then in each other’s houses for a matter, a laugh and tea/coffee/Pepsi max!. As you can see on the end there , I am too chunky looking (ie FAT). Boo hoo.

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