Cornflake Sunday

Yep, in all, ate 3 bowls of cornflakes today, not all at once of course. DID cleaning ( calories burnt). Meant to go for nice long walk but it was far too hot out. Neil is making my Cathys Weightloss Diary ( which I did online for about 10 yrs, into book format, which will be 3 books worth. Can’t wait. Lots of pictures in it too.
Feeling good about the fact that I am avoiding chocolate binges. Hopped on scales this morning, I was 11 st 4 lbs. As you can see I am about 35 lbs overweight. Neil is 21 st 12 lbs……….terribly overweight.


R is being booked onto a weight management course for teens. Hoping she will try.


Pic of me taken the other day. I did get several taken in order to delete the FAT ones………I deleted loads of them.


Aiming to walk home from work tomorrow, I need regular exercise. Well it’s 2am and I am in work in 5 hours. Better try to get to sleep.

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