Getting back on track.

Trying to get on track with my eating which has been full of ice cream and sugary foods of late, with half a bag of chips and half a fish with a tub of mushy peas last night, hmmmm……. it was lovely.

So, today, a new start to a lower/no sugar regime. I shall try

Breakfast – scrambled eggs and lean bacon. (Free). Been doing some tidying up this morning. Off to a friend’s house for a few hours soon. Not particularly hungry right now, will take a banana with my for late lunch.

Hmmmm……Ok so day 1 of no sugar can start tomorrow. I ermmmm….. didn’t do exactly as I said I would today.
1 choc chip muffin
Piece of mint aero
Caramel biscuit
Half bread roll with lemon curd.
Pretty sugary eh?!!
Am in Slimming World tomorrow, will get ‘re-motivated. I will not give up. Am also back in work on Tuesday. If I’m honest, I don’t want to go back to work, but hey, everyone feels like this when they’ve been off for a few weeks don’t they?
Am sure everything will be fine when I settle back into work routine (hoping). Everything will be fine.