Sitting in the sun

It has been lovely and sunny, and best of all I was just working half day today. Made a healthy lunch. Sat on the swing seat in the garden. Yikes.
Heard a noise and next minute was there with my butt on the grass, legs hanging over the edge of swing seat, wedged in bent almost double. Trapped.
The seat ripped and there I was stuck in the swing seat frame unable to move. Managed to txt Neil. No reply. Phoned the house phone, no reply. My back was hurting and my neck.
Managed to turn sideways and lie flat under the metalwork. Eventually got up.
Just as well no one had seen me.
Swing seat well and truly knackered. Next time I’m buying a bench!
My back’ s hurting tonight.
Am hoping the accident was wear and tear on the swing seat material and not my weight!!!!!!!


The swing seat is no more.