The Weekend

Mixed weekend. A day out in Liverpool on Saturday with a visit to the Bluecoat for a history tour, coffee and I nipped to the book fair there and picked up some books for Neil. It was a beautiful day out, sunny relaxing. Went with good friend Andrea and met some others whom I’d met before (through Andrea). Thoroughly enjoyed the day, went to a vegetarian cafe called Egg, no e company and a good laugh, what I needed to switch off from stresses.


Had our usual Sunday breakfast out this morning with Jonathans, Lattitude in West Kirby where we go every Sunday morning just me and J to chill, Neil stays at home with R.
Other than that have been v lazy today. Tomorrow am off to the 1st session of the Livewell Programme with Jonathan, am going along to support him and hopefully lose weight too, plus Slimming World tomorrow night (me), can I face the scales twice in one day?


Lovely walk and the scales

This morning I went on a 2 hr walk round Roydon Park and Thurstaston. It was a Ranger led walk and my friend Andrea let me know about it and asked me to go along.
I totally enjoyed it plus my asthma wasn’t too bad so that made it easier. I can’t walk fast, am.more of a stroller really.
Then afterwards we had a nice cup of tea and a natter with Ranger Paul and a few others at The Barking Mad Cafe at Roydon Park (yes they serve your pets!)
Got a new pair of hair straighters from Argos.
In the evening I went to Slimming World and was totally chuffed to have stayed the same. I bought a 6 week countdown, I am determined to make a good go of getting  my eating under control and losing weight.
Back to work tomorrow.


Day 2, avoiding sugar

Well, apart from needing to have a tube of glucose and 2 teaspoons of sugar for a hypo in the afternoon, I did well today avoiding sugary foods. It certainly helps not having the stuff in the house. We did call at the shop after work, but I did not even look at sweets, cakes, chocolate – ok I glanced!!!!


For breakfast I had wholemeal toast, soup for lunch and chickpea and chicken curry for tea. This isn’t too difficult at all, this avoiding sugary foods. Unfortunately I can’t do anything about hypos, I have to treat them with glucose/sugar quick acting then follow up with carbs.
Jonathans started his Zenical today, as prescribed by our GP. I’m sure he will do well, sometimes we need a helping hand even if it is tablets. I put a colour rinse on my hair tonight.


I’d like to continue to avoid sugary stuff.weighed myself this morning and was 12 st…….or 168 lbs, obviously far too much for a person who is not even 5 ft tall. Am tempted to hop on the scales each day, maybe I’ll just go on them when I feel like it (or remember). Off to bed early tonight to read, stops me from going in the kitchen for something to eat too!!!

Still my birthday!

What a day. We we’re meant to go away for the night, but we didn’t, still had to pay the £254 though. Poor R was quite very very upset about going, extremely so. Self harmed again.
We all managed to go out for tea which R was able to manage. I so wish I could help her more, and J. I am going to brave the scales at Slimming World. I have eaten loads today, not helped by being very hypo (blood sugar was 2) earlier. Am bloated (thanks to burger and fries and cherry pancakes with ice cream).
Actually dreading getting on the scales, but it is something I need to do otherwise I’ll let it all go to pot and gain loads and loads, not what I want to happen.


In the car earlier.


With my glasses on which actually I wear all the time, ok except for when I wear contact lenses.
Neil and I are planning on a little walk later, I need fresh air. Still feel very wound up, not easy to switch off unfortunately. Blood sugar is now high due to scrappy eating earlier and over doing for the hypo.
Ohhhhh please don’t let me have gained more than 2 or 3 lbs.

Sunny day off and the scales

Yet again I have no idea how I will do on the scales when I get weighed tonight. Feel I have been reasonably good apart from food at wedding buffet on Saturday night. It was my cousins wedding, she looked beautiful. I wore my black dress and felt good

20140616-090224 am-32544096.jpg
It’s my normal Monday off, it’s lovely and sunny and fairly hot out. Can’t believe Neil and the kids are still asleep.

20140616-090459 am-32699954.jpg

Feeling blah Tuesday

Felt blah a lot today. Grey cloud blah.
Got weighed last night at Slimming World
Good in one way (no gain).

Eating healthily, well ok, apart from a few mints. A few few.
Several. I have just asked Neil to hide them from me!
Had better go for a walk later, or on the dusty treadmill/clothes hanger.


Had v healthy tea of stir fry turkey with lots of veg.


A wedding do

I went to a lovely friends wedding do last night. She looked beautiful. They make a gorgeous couple.
I danced the night away! Did have some if the yummy buffet. Also went for lunch in the afternoon to another good friends birthday lunch.
Scared the crap out if myself this morning when I stepped on the scales and have gained weight?
Some photos from last night

20140419-092208 am.jpg

20140419-092250 am.jpg

20140419-092223 am.jpg

20140419-092314 am.jpg

20140419-092411 am.jpg

20140419-092441 am.jpg

Lumpy bumpy me

20140406-094157 am.jpg

20140406-094202 am.jpg
My BMI according to the charts is 33.4. I want to lose 40 lbs taking me down from 11 st 10 lbs (164 lbs) to 8 st 9 lbs (124 lbs) or thereabouts.

I’m not super set on a weight I want to be, I just want to lose some and start to feel better about myself. Am currently wearing size 18’s and 20’s (UK).
Well, Sunday morning here,10am. No plans for the day. R is going to a friend’s house later, I hope. Her getting out is such a big thing as it is quite rare.
I got plenty of housework to do!!

The Scales


20140405-042948 pm.jpg</a
actually I am totally avoiding the scales. I want to see how I have done on Monday evening at my 2nd weigh-in.
I did feel like going out this morning snd buying goodies: ie: donuts! Cakes, muffins etc-but I didn’t.
Certain times are ‘danger’ times
1: When I’m bored
2: When I’m stressed/angry
3: When I see food on telly
4: When I see/smell food!
And all the times inbetween!!!!!!!!!
Rhi wants to make chocolatey cupcakes later, am going to make a ‘syn’ free pancake for me and enjoy that.
Whooooo hooooooo Neil got weighed this mirning and has lost 4 lbs. he says it’s because I’m eating less so he’s less tempted. How brill is that.

. >

20140405-043818 pm.jpg

Sunny cold Saturday

Bit of ice out there early this morning. Been trying hard to not eat crap, ok only since I saw the GP on Thursday but still.
My blood sugars have been lower yesterday and today, in fact am having to reduce my insulin, the levimir.
Hopped on the scales at work yesterday with Nurse Karen’s weigh-in and the number had gone down a tiny bit!
It’s 9:40am and no one’s up, typical Saturday. Think I might go for a walk since it looks so nice out there. Had a healthy breakfast of porridge and a banana.