Get a grip

Doing my best not to overeat today. Had healthy day so far. Fruit for breakfast, jacket potato with tuna and salad for lunch, lean bacon with red peppers and lerks (stir fry) for tea with raspberries and 0% greek yogurt. 

Did have a pizza last night, was very stressful time. Had a thincrust one with less cheese, ohhhhhhh very fatty though. Reminded me why I don’t like pizza that much. 

Work and weigh-in

Got weighed in work today. I had stayed the same.phew!!!!!!!

Went for a walk, in the rain round the lake tonight with Colette. It was raining but felt good going for a walk.



Colette and I look cold but it wasn’t cold actually. I think if it wasn’t for Colette texting me, making me go for walks, then I probably wouldn’t go. So thank you Colette.

Was v naughty and had thin crust plain pizza tonight but didn’t eat all of it.


Will walk to Heswall tomorrow morning I think. The more walking I do the better.