Anniversary and chocolate cake!

Hmmmm the chocolate cake was lovely. Got it for R’ s birthday and mine n Neil’s anniversary (23 years).


Neil’s not feeling too good though, very tired and in pain from his hand operation. Painkillers help some.
Bit of a lazy Sunday. Had visitors at teatime, Neil’s brother Colin  and his 2 lads, Chris and Danny.
Grrrrrr feeling v FAT today, hate looking in the mirror. Don’t mind face photos, but body shots…….NO.


Can I be bothered or do I have the energy, inclination to go on the treadmill tonight? Maybe. Maybe not!!!!
7pm…… hmmmm what’s on telly?

WHOO hoooooo

Whoo hoooo. Been super good today. Made a fab chicken broth/soup last night and had some for lunch today in work, with a large satsuma. Then ok, a bit samey but had the rest of the chicken soup at home after work for tea. Today I have the feeling that I CAN do it, I really can!


Feeling spotty so hiding away! OMG saw myself in the mirror at work, how FAT is my butt…………..Arghgh. where’d that come from????