A maintain is good

Yes, I went to my Slimming World class tonight and was quite pleased that I maintained especially when I snacked a lot last week.
This week will be different.
Tonight I made some Slimming World crisps. Thinly sliced potatoes, popped in the microwave to crisp up, with a shake or three of sea salt. Very nice, though you can’t eat too many, they are not totally moreish.
I would like to lose 3 lbs by next Monday and get my 1 st award (14 lbs) at class, that will be a fab achievement.
The people in our Slimming World class are doing do well, it motivates you such a lot. The class Constant Julie is great.
J has his first Uni exam tomorrow at 5pm. R is off this week half term then she will do her 3 exams.
Should try to go to sleep now as its 1:40am and I am working in the morning. Made the usual mistake of falling asleep late afternoon for a few hours.