J’ s cookies

J MADE COOKIES, VERY YUMMY, ATE TOO MANY, GRRRRRRRR. Nice sunny day out. DID manage to sleep in till mid-day, bit of a waste of a lovely day.
Made a yummy soup for work lunch tomorrow, celery, leek, onion and quinioa. DID some gardening, mowed the grass and managed to cut through the extension cable.
OMG was soooooooo bloated in the evening, looked 12 months pregnant, ie very huge stomach. Went to next door neighbour L’ s for a coffee, we both had a moan about how we’re not losing weight. Are we really trying? Errrrr………. No.


Long time no blog

Well, hoped on scales this morning, same old weight, no change. That’s good in at least I haven’t gained, but am nit getting anywhere with losing.
So, aiming to have a good weekend.
Weight today – 11 st 3 lbs. = 157 lbs
Far too much for me being under 5 ft.
Still, not to worry, I will change this!