So determined

I am so determined not to be FAT and FIFTY ( yes, am 50 in August).


I am just so Fed up of being overweight. Hehe……..stopped me buying chocolate, cakes and sweeties in Sainsburys tonight!
Just put on a chickpea curry for lunch tomorrow.


DID not get up early this morning to go on treadmill, got up too late.


Honestly, I am in many ways, a lazy person. NoT!


Why is it the thought of dieting makes me want to eat? It makes me hungry when I’m not hungry. Tried to persuade Neil+kids that they wanted to go for a walk, but NO It was useless trying. Neil popped to Add a for stuff, I ate some of the stuff. 6 no 8 jaffa cakes with my coffee, now I want real food as jaffa cakes do not count as lunch do they?
Have persuaded Neil to make me a ham sandwich.
As you can see,a bit if a lazy day. Just sitting down to watch a film.
Weight on scales thus morning – 11 st  5 lbs. Yikes.