Eating out

Had a few bites to eat out, not always easy to eat super healthy in cafes. R got brilliant grades in her Maths and English GCSE’ s. Very proud of her. J, R and I went out to tea to R’ s fave place The OK Diner. I had a breakfast which was nice.
Today Neil and I had lunch out, a coronation chicken sandwich with salad and a few crisps. Tried to eat healthier at home for tea. Had a syn free chilli, no rice. And some yogurt. Did nibble on a small bag of cashew nuts.
Need to do some walking tomorrow, or house cleaning! Or both!!!
Got a new swimming costume today, wonder if J will go swimming tomorrow or Monday?
Lost 1 1/2 lbs last week in Slimming World, making 9 1/2 lbs altogether. Feel I haven’t been as good as I could’ve been this week, unfortunately. I need to get totally on track. It’s been several weeks since I really tried.
Oh yes, I went for my hearing test at the hospital on Friday. I have moderate to severe loss in my left ear and was given a digital hearing aid, programmed specifically for me. It’s great but takes some getting used to hearing so many sounds. When I’m not wearing it, every sound is so dull.
Blood sugars have been marginally better. I got sent a new insulin pen (Novopen Echo) by a lovely new friend online on the Diabetic Den, thank you Avril. I am so chuffed with it and it does half units. Stupid really that my diabetic clinic have only ever provided me with 1 pen and I’ve never ever thought to ask my GP for any.  Seeing my GP on Wed afternoon to ask about getting my diabetes care transferred to Liverpool, they have s much better diabetes unit, plus they do the pump.


Tue 15 July 2014

Got up early this morning, about 5:30am. Had a slice of toast for breakfast (b) (3 syns). A lovely cup of coffee. Had a shower, did my hair, bit of make-up on (always makes you feel better). This morning I am on admin in work and at about 10am have to go and see my DSN (Diabetes Specialist Nurse), I work in the hospital so don’t have to go far to see her. I want to chat about my doses, ratios and how it is so difficult to see any pattern in my blood sugars. I think my diabetes needs an overhaul. I mean, I’m eating better, hence the 12 lbs weight loss so far. I’m not eating too many carbs. I never ever miss an injection. Ok I don’t always get it right when calculating what insulin I need for the food item, and sometimes I over estimate and go hypo, occasionally I underestimate and have higher bg’s. But I don’t think I’m that bad at it?
Well it’s 7:45am, time to get ready for work!