Tue 15 July 2014

Got up early this morning, about 5:30am. Had a slice of toast for breakfast (b) (3 syns). A lovely cup of coffee. Had a shower, did my hair, bit of make-up on (always makes you feel better). This morning I am on admin in work and at about 10am have to go and see my DSN (Diabetes Specialist Nurse), I work in the hospital so don’t have to go far to see her. I want to chat about my doses, ratios and how it is so difficult to see any pattern in my blood sugars. I think my diabetes needs an overhaul. I mean, I’m eating better, hence the 12 lbs weight loss so far. I’m not eating too many carbs. I never ever miss an injection. Ok I don’t always get it right when calculating what insulin I need for the food item, and sometimes I over estimate and go hypo, occasionally I underestimate and have higher bg’s. But I don’t think I’m that bad at it?
Well it’s 7:45am, time to get ready for work!

Eating wrong stuff Sunday 13th July

Good intentions, I had them, I lost them.
Jonathans wanted to go to our fave cafe in West Kirby, so off we toddled to Lattitudes. Lovely and sunny out. Quite busy in West Kirby because of the Sun shine and maybe because the Open Golf tournament due to start in Hoylake?
Had my usual
Cooked breakfast (1 sausage, 2 bacon, 1 egg, 1 hash brown, 1/2 slice toast, baked beans and a coffee. ). Very nice.
Went round a few charity shops then went home.
Then went with Neil to Home N Bargain in New Brighton. Bit of a naff shop really, not as big as I thought it would be. Still very hot and sunny out.
Got home. Tidied up a bit. Did Turkey and roasted veg for tea.
Also ate 3 fab ice lollys, 1 exotic Solero ice cream Lollly, a lion bar.
Not good for either my blood sugars or my weight, though I did of course inject for the things I ate.
I have to turn this silly eating around, now.
Not looking forward to getting weighed tomorrow night after eating too many syns this week I’m sure.
I think in the morning I’ll plan my days food, stick to it. I’ll aim to go for a nice walk too, get myself motivated. I will get back on track no matter how long it takes me.

My right shoulder is giving me a lot of pain at night, at least am seeing orthopaedic consultant at end of the month, maybe I can have an injection Into my shoulder then.?