Getting back on track.

Trying to get on track with my eating which has been full of ice cream and sugary foods of late, with half a bag of chips and half a fish with a tub of mushy peas last night, hmmmm……. it was lovely.

So, today, a new start to a lower/no sugar regime. I shall try

Breakfast – scrambled eggs and lean bacon. (Free). Been doing some tidying up this morning. Off to a friend’s house for a few hours soon. Not particularly hungry right now, will take a banana with my for late lunch.

Hmmmm……Ok so day 1 of no sugar can start tomorrow. I ermmmm….. didn’t do exactly as I said I would today.
1 choc chip muffin
Piece of mint aero
Caramel biscuit
Half bread roll with lemon curd.
Pretty sugary eh?!!
Am in Slimming World tomorrow, will get ‘re-motivated. I will not give up. Am also back in work on Tuesday. If I’m honest, I don’t want to go back to work, but hey, everyone feels like this when they’ve been off for a few weeks don’t they?
Am sure everything will be fine when I settle back into work routine (hoping). Everything will be fine.

Sleeping eating

Went out briefly with Neil this morning. Had a sandwich and coffee in Thorntons. Didn’t stay out too long cos I started to feel woozy. Slept later, totally knackered.
Had my shoulder manipulated under anaesthetic on Friday. Yet again once home I felt very sick for rest of the day, I guess from anaesthetic and various pain drugs injected into my hand after the op.
I have gentle exercises to do till physio on Monday afternoon.
Went for a little stroll round the small block tonight with Neil.
Haven’t eaten a lot this last 2 days, need to get back to eating healthily. Just haven’t felt terribly hungry though DID enjoy my Turkey, bacon and cranberry wholemeal sandwich with salad and a few crisps in Thorntons cafe this morning.
Think I’ll make a yummy Slimming World quiche tomorrow and some sugar free jelly.
Bought a dress today size 16 and it fits, whoo hoooo.


The dress


The arrow the Dr drew on my arm before my operation.


Me feeling a bit washed out.!

Food Planning


I rarely do any food planning, which is often my downfall. I come home from work (having been in work 8am till 5pm) and am usually tired and hungry. Can’t be bothered cooking a healthy meal therefore eat whatever is easiest and quickest which is mostly not healthy.
I should stock my freezer with healthy meals to cook, plan and make meals ready the night before or give Neil or J instructions to cook a healthy meal ready for when I get home (happens once in a blue moon)!
What have I eaten today?
Lunch-jacket potato, ham, salad,egg,cheese and a Muller yogurt.then a cookie and a piece of birthday cake plus to pieces of vintage cheddar. No planning.



Why is it the thought of dieting makes me want to eat? It makes me hungry when I’m not hungry. Tried to persuade Neil+kids that they wanted to go for a walk, but NO It was useless trying. Neil popped to Add a for stuff, I ate some of the stuff. 6 no 8 jaffa cakes with my coffee, now I want real food as jaffa cakes do not count as lunch do they?
Have persuaded Neil to make me a ham sandwich.
As you can see,a bit if a lazy day. Just sitting down to watch a film.
Weight on scales thus morning – 11 st  5 lbs. Yikes.