HUNGER ‘growl’

Today? Well, no breakfast as per usual. Growling stomach getting on for lunch time. Couldn’t resist a few chocolate truffles from the tin in the office. And I popped a chocolate truffle into my (and a work colleague’s) coffee – kinda like a ‘mocha’.
Had homemade soup for lunch (carrot,Swede,onion,garlic,cumin,turmeric,chilli and parsnips that needed cooking and something called wheatberries. Very yummy filling soup.
Might have had one or two or three chocolates to finish off lunch.
Got home 4:45pm, had cup of tea, 5:30pm went out to other job till 7:00pm. Came home hungry. Had a lean bacon sandwich with HP brown sauce! Once eaten, was very tempted to go make another one straight away ( more bread). But I didn’t. Had a cup of tea n a banana, how reasonable is that!!!!!?
I gotta get some sort of a grip on my eating.


FAT tummy!!!! I love my built-in-cushion!!! NOT!

Eating patterns

My EATING pattern on a typical work day.

7am – I rarely eat breakfast on work days, I just don’t feel hungry that time of the morning. I just have a tea or coffee.

12:00 midday – Often by this time my stomach has been rumbling an hour or so. Usually I have neglected to prepare myself lunch at home because of not being hungry in the morning. So, I pop to the hospital (where I work) shop and try to choose something ‘healthy, ie: low calorie. HUNGER takes over and I choose e.g. a pannini and chips, then while in the queue to pay I grab a bag of crisps, well, I haven’t eaten since last night.

5:30pm – Arrive home, hungry, cross that no one bothered to have a cooked tea waiting for me. I usually pop 2 pieces of toast in toaster while I think what to have for tea. Decide we have nothing in I want to bother cooking and decide on a ham sandwich. If we have any goodies in ( chocolate, cake, biscuits) I will have these cos it’s nice to finish with something sweet.

9:00pm – A food advert on tv tells me I am peckish. Or I am bored, stressed, tired, Fed up, mainly Fed up. So I wander into kitchen for nibbles. Might be a big plate of toast, 1 or 2 ham sandwiches. Or I might persuade Neil to pop to the shop for goodies, usually chocolate or cake.

11:00pm – Go to bed

1:00pm – Neil is still up and on computer in bedroom. Sometimes I am hypo from the overload of insulin from the chocolates so need carbs, Neil gets me some toast and biscuits. Sometimes I just decided I am hungry and cannot  get back to sleep without food, Neil gets me a ham sandwich or 2.

The pattern is similar on days off but I will often

Have breakfast or
Eat breakfast out (full English)