Get a grip

Doing my best not to overeat today. Had healthy day so far. Fruit for breakfast, jacket potato with tuna and salad for lunch, lean bacon with red peppers and lerks (stir fry) for tea with raspberries and 0% greek yogurt. 

Did have a pizza last night, was very stressful time. Had a thincrust one with less cheese, ohhhhhhh very fatty though. Reminded me why I don’t like pizza that much. 

Been for a walk

Been for a walk round the block with Neil

20140506-083335 pm.jpg

20140506-083424 pm.jpg
Feel I have been fairly good today, counted my syns. I so want to do well this week and eat as healthy as I can. Neil and I are going to aim to go for a walk each evening. Neil has to use a stick cos he has a bad back and fluid behind the knee.

Food Planning


I rarely do any food planning, which is often my downfall. I come home from work (having been in work 8am till 5pm) and am usually tired and hungry. Can’t be bothered cooking a healthy meal therefore eat whatever is easiest and quickest which is mostly not healthy.
I should stock my freezer with healthy meals to cook, plan and make meals ready the night before or give Neil or J instructions to cook a healthy meal ready for when I get home (happens once in a blue moon)!
What have I eaten today?
Lunch-jacket potato, ham, salad,egg,cheese and a Muller yogurt.then a cookie and a piece of birthday cake plus to pieces of vintage cheddar. No planning.



Ohhhhh made a lively chickpea dish tonight.
Chickpeas, cauliflower,sweet potato, tomatos and onions with cumin, ginger, tumeric, chilli powder.
Had some this evening and put some aside for lunch tomorrow.
Feeling very positive about my eating. Neil and J and R are cutting down, though R is tending to missing meals which is not good. Trying to encourage her to have 3 meals a day with healthy snacks. Luckily she loves most fruit. Even J is eating fruit!
Bread and takeaways is the biggest thing they overeat on. Often they’ve ordered the takeaway before I have time to say anything. I try to make meals we’ll all eat but we all like such different things.

20140416-094315 pm.jpg
My chickpea curry!!!!! Needless to say but none of the others would eat it, I think it’s delicious.
Whoo hoo, last day in work tomorrow then off for 11 days.