Sunny Saturday July 12th

Woke up 6am, too early to get up. Fell back to sleep and woke up 10am, too late, what a waste of morning Sun shine.
Sat in the garden with a coffee watching Pika playing with a little dead birdie. Not nice really, but he was having a whale of a time chucking it in the air and cAtching it with his paws.
R had to go to Heswall to collect her new glasses from the Opticians. So we all went in the car, me, Neil, R and J.
Persuaded R to try the ice cream parlour, it’s only a small place but lovely. She had a milkshake and then decided to have a bubblegum ice cream cone. I had a frozen raspberry yogurt cone. J had a frozen mango yogurt cone and Neil had a cinder toffee Ice cream cone.
It took R a while to relax, but she enjoyed it in the end. Small things like doing what we did today with my family make me feel really happy. I know R has a long way to go on the road to getting better but any little thing that she enjoys is lovely.

Trying my best to eat healthily and syn free! Made a cottage cheese quiche topped with red onion. Very yummy.