Sunday cleaning snoozing!

Did a lot of cleaning in the morning, dusty. Have eaten well today, my lot are having a burger takeaway tonight, I am having healthy lean mince with carrots onion and gravy, then some fruit.
Did have a snooze late afternoon! Must be getting old!!


We’re still not doing any exercise (as a family or individually). Which annoys the heck out of me.
Tomorrow we get off our butts.


Me and one of our cats Pika! Pika is fast asleep!
Don’t know if I’m looking forward to getting weighed tomorrow? I think I’ve done quite well this last week, I’ve avoided snacks and extras, eaten plenty of veg, though not so good eating fruit.

Stayed the same

Just got weighed in work by Nurse Karen, and I have stayed the same 72.2 kgs. Not sure what thst is in stones n lbs but it doesn’t sound too bad!
Whoooo hooooo am going away for the weekend tonight with friend/work colleague, who asked if I would like to go along to cottage in Lake District.
Of course I would.
Ok, work time (8:15 am). Oh and the sun is shining and I’m stuck here, boo hoo!!!!