Chubby cheeks!!!

Silly I know but the one thing that bothers me about losing weight is my face going scraggy. Like sunken and drawn. Chubby cheeks are lovely. Double chins not so!
Though it pains me to say this, when you get to a certain age ie 40’s or 50’s, your face can well, wrinkle and sag. Chubby cheeks fill the wrinkles out.


Half day in work tomorrow, good!

In my 50’s

I look at myself sometimes and think ‘oh, I don’t look that fat. But whichever way it goes, I feel sluggish, overweight and flabby. AND mostly when I look in the mirror I see a round person!

Here's to a slimmer summer

Here’s to a slimmer summer

I know I am eating healthier at the moment which is good. I am eating more fruit and vegetables. I just need to get doing some exercise. My self image is pretty crap. That and no one is allowed to say the ‘F’ word (ok fifty as am that age now). Don’t want to be frumpy dumpy in my 50’s, had enough of that in my 40’s.

Am aiming to do some walking on the 11 days that I am off. Yes I am.



So determined

I am so determined not to be FAT and FIFTY ( yes, am 50 in August).


I am just so Fed up of being overweight. Hehe……..stopped me buying chocolate, cakes and sweeties in Sainsburys tonight!
Just put on a chickpea curry for lunch tomorrow.


DID not get up early this morning to go on treadmill, got up too late.


Honestly, I am in many ways, a lazy person. NoT!