Eating patterns

My EATING pattern on a typical work day.

7am – I rarely eat breakfast on work days, I just don’t feel hungry that time of the morning. I just have a tea or coffee.

12:00 midday – Often by this time my stomach has been rumbling an hour or so. Usually I have neglected to prepare myself lunch at home because of not being hungry in the morning. So, I pop to the hospital (where I work) shop and try to choose something ‘healthy, ie: low calorie. HUNGER takes over and I choose e.g. a pannini and chips, then while in the queue to pay I grab a bag of crisps, well, I haven’t eaten since last night.

5:30pm – Arrive home, hungry, cross that no one bothered to have a cooked tea waiting for me. I usually pop 2 pieces of toast in toaster while I think what to have for tea. Decide we have nothing in I want to bother cooking and decide on a ham sandwich. If we have any goodies in ( chocolate, cake, biscuits) I will have these cos it’s nice to finish with something sweet.

9:00pm – A food advert on tv tells me I am peckish. Or I am bored, stressed, tired, Fed up, mainly Fed up. So I wander into kitchen for nibbles. Might be a big plate of toast, 1 or 2 ham sandwiches. Or I might persuade Neil to pop to the shop for goodies, usually chocolate or cake.

11:00pm – Go to bed

1:00pm – Neil is still up and on computer in bedroom. Sometimes I am hypo from the overload of insulin from the chocolates so need carbs, Neil gets me some toast and biscuits. Sometimes I just decided I am hungry and cannot  get back to sleep without food, Neil gets me a ham sandwich or 2.

The pattern is similar on days off but I will often

Have breakfast or
Eat breakfast out (full English)