Wednesday’s blog, 13th Nov

Spent Saturday in Manchester with J. DID a lot of walking but ate rubbish. Food court food, not healthy.
Still pretty much managing to avoid chocolate. Though have been craving drinks of hot chocolate!!!!!
Exercise? No not really. Once again I’ll aim to walk to work tomorrow if I can get up on time.
Got my birthday pressy studio photo shoot on Saturday.
( 2 1/2 hrs in photo studio, 3 outfit changes, glass of bubbly, hair and make-up done.)
Only got 2 outfits. Wish I was skinnier for the shoot. Feeling FAT is not nice. You get 2 six by four sized photos free and of course they want you to buy more. Pity I can’t afford any. Kinda looking forward to it, but dreading it too.
Although I take a lot of photos of myself I absolutely hate having my photo taken.
Made a yummy shepherds pie for us all tonight, though R did not want any. Trying to get us all as a family to eat healthier is not easy. We all seem to eat at different times too.
Got my diabetic check up at the hospital on Friday morning. Wonder how that will go? I know my Hba1c is too high.



Snacking is my biggest weight loss downfall. Evening snacking. Something I’ve always done.
Somehow, on my scales managed to weigh 2 lb less. I don’t believe it for one minute as on the scales at work I’d gained a lb.


Been sleeping a lot this past few days, tired.
Made a healthy cottage pie tonight, also a lovely oatey rhubarb crumble. Had an omelette for breakfast, trying to cut down on the carbs.
Whoop hoo, went on the treadmill tonight for 10 minutes, ok only at 2.4 speed, and my pulse stayed just over 100 – never said I was fit at moment which is why I took it slowly. Neil also did 10 minutes same speed. To begin with, little and often. Walking of course.
Full of aches n pains at moment and my neuropathy has kicked off, on my arms, burning. Must tell diabetic team when I go in November.
Back to taking Zapain at night. Hoping I can have steroid injections in my shoulder soon.
Other than that and my puffed-out-ness, am ok!!!!!


Must ring weight management place to get booked on the course, why do I always put things off……….?


Back to work in the morning. Can’t believe I managed to miss a double physio app this morning, how stupid. I went into school with R is my only excuse, that and I forgot.
Slept in afternoon. Went for a nice walk around the marine lake in the early evening with Colette.
Felt down so ate crisps, chocolate and cornflakes in the evening.
Will I ever stop this comfort eating?
Felt totally depressed about forgetting my physio, now I expect I will be discharged from them. So that’s 2 discharges now, diabetic clinic and physio. Sucks.
Can’t seem to get myself motivated for much.
Don’t feel I have any enthusiasm for much.
Happy though that R had a good day in school today and she let me take her to lunch.
Hoping my grey cloud goes away sometime soon.