A wedding do

I went to a lovely friends wedding do last night. She looked beautiful. They make a gorgeous couple.
I danced the night away! Did have some if the yummy buffet. Also went for lunch in the afternoon to another good friends birthday lunch.
Scared the crap out if myself this morning when I stepped on the scales and have gained weight?
Some photos from last night

20140419-092208 am.jpg

20140419-092250 am.jpg

20140419-092223 am.jpg

20140419-092314 am.jpg

20140419-092411 am.jpg

20140419-092441 am.jpg


Had a buffet In work at lunchtime. One of the Clerks was leaving. Ate quite a few things! I always have good intentions at buffets but give in to temptation when faced with all the nibbles.
Weighed 11 st 3 lbs on my scales this morning. So have not lost any weight mainly because I have not made any effort. DID do lots of dancing doing the room thus last week so is better than no exercise whatsoever. Have come to bed tonight without late night snacking which is good.