Being bad

Actually, I haven’t been that bad! I have had too many ‘syns’ for the week yes, but it’s not as bad as it could have been.
Ate a honeycomb Club chocolate biscuit today, but I ate it too fast instead of enjoying it (the guilt!).
Now I don’t normally like jam, even raspberry jam! But tonight I had a delicious small bread roll, crusty with butter and jam – Oh it was soooooo gorgeous.
Got a phone call from my GP surgery, I have to get my creatine (kidney function) blood test done again.worrying now that my kidney function is decreasing and I’ve moved on to like 2nd stage kidney disease (already in 1st stage).
Silly worrying.
Or maybe I’ve been eating far too much Turkey and chicken? Overdoing the protein can do that apparently? (Raise creatine levels).
Only 3 more days till am back to work. Got 2 weeks off in summer but can’t afford a holiday. OMG I’d love us all to have a holiday. We’ve not been on holiday for some time. It’s horrid not having anything to look forward to.