What calories?

I fail to see how since I don’t overeat that I am not losing weight? Maybe I should go on the tv programme Secret Eaters to see how I am eating. What did I eat today?
Chicken and tinned tomatoes.
2 chocolate options drinks.
Lean bacon and tomatoes.
1 Turkey escalope.
2 toast.
1 banana.
Wonder what that adds to in calories?
My work uniform is like WAY too tight. Ok when I’m standing up but a buggar when I’m sitting down.
I have very little self control over my eating at the moment, that plus I can’t be bothered.


Why can’t I eat sensibly and do some gentle walking each day at least. Not a lot to ask is it?



Spent all morning at a course type thing for work. Refreshments included so had coffee and a tiny mini tiny chocolate donut, tiny it was!
Bought a sandwich frm the hospital canteen, light chicken mayonaise-not that nice, but gotta have lunchbas iff to another hospital where I work.
Cuppa tea when I get there I think.
Why does it feel like a Friday? I wish!