Tue 15 July 2014

Got up early this morning, about 5:30am. Had a slice of toast for breakfast (b) (3 syns). A lovely cup of coffee. Had a shower, did my hair, bit of make-up on (always makes you feel better). This morning I am on admin in work and at about 10am have to go and see my DSN (Diabetes Specialist Nurse), I work in the hospital so don’t have to go far to see her. I want to chat about my doses, ratios and how it is so difficult to see any pattern in my blood sugars. I think my diabetes needs an overhaul. I mean, I’m eating better, hence the 12 lbs weight loss so far. I’m not eating too many carbs. I never ever miss an injection. Ok I don’t always get it right when calculating what insulin I need for the food item, and sometimes I over estimate and go hypo, occasionally I underestimate and have higher bg’s. But I don’t think I’m that bad at it?
Well it’s 7:45am, time to get ready for work!


Feeling motivated. That’s not to say I couldn’t stuff my face with hmmmm….. chocolate, donuts, cream cakes, sweets etc!!!!
But hey I’m trying to be good here.
What’s cheesing me off is there is no pattern to my blood sugars. Though am fairly consistent with hypos, getting them if I ‘run’ around a lot (being busy), or if I over estimate my insulin needs v my food. Otherwise blood sugars are around 12 to 15 mostly, grrrrrrrr……
I put my levemir up am and pm from 14 to 20. If I eat at night I am always higher in the morning no matter how spot on I get the novorapid. I try to eat no carb if I’ve got to snack at night.
Am eating fairly low carb most days cept for when I have massive cravings.
I’ve stopped taking the beta blockers cos they set off intermittent claudication. Not done much if any walking last few days so don’t know if that’s improved. Perhaps it wasn’t the beta blockers fault?
Weather’s been lovely today, been in work though.


Well, think I’ll go have a coffee.
Still dreaming about donuts!

Another good loss

Went to my Slimming World class tonight. OMG stepped on the scales and had lost 3.5 lbs. Making 11 lbs gone altogether. Could you hear me scream for joy?!!!!!


We had a taster session in class tonight and people brought in 0 syn and low syn nibbles, very nice.
My blood sugar was very high tonight, all I can think it a mixture of not testing since breakfast (I may have needed some insulin), I didn’t have any during the day cos I didn’t eat any carbs. I don’t think I did?
Blood sugar is currently down to 22.4, I’ll be happier when it’s below 10.
Need to eat more balanced meals this week, with some carbs. Starting with breakfast in morning since I rarely eat breakfast these days. Tomorrow it’s 2 weetabix and skim milk.