There should be a start🙎

There should be a start point to me getting healthier/slimmer. I should be able to say “this is it, no more eating rubbish, no more taking naps and just sitting on the couch”.

Unless I want to be this heavy, this unfit, this unwell in 5 or 10 years time, I need to make a start, change things. 

I have so many aches and pains. I’m so unhappy with how I look. When I feel dreadfully unhappy with how I look and feel I let other things in my life get me even more down. It is a downward spiral. In truth only I can do anything about it. 

Start small. Why don’t I (tomorrow) avoid sugary foods/snacks. Fairly easy to do surely. When I get home from work at 4:45pm why don’t I pop my new trainers on and go for a 10 minute walk round the block? 

Yes I feel motivated enough to do these things tomorrow (not right now cos it’s 12:30am in the morning!!!! 


Night night. Xx

Day Out

Had a lovely day out yesterday in Stratford Upon Avon with J (son). Did a fair bit of walking hence lot of foot and leg pain last night (feeling better today). 

Went to Sports Direct shop in Bromborough and got new pair of trainers and gel heel pads and support insoles. So now am ready to do some walking in comfort. 

Am afraid to get on the scales. I am the heaviest I’ve been for about 14 years. Even my face which normally looks slim is looking very plump. 

I am not happy. 

Carb overloading

I am doing ok with healthy eating in the daytime but come evening I’m like a person possessed with carb eating. Toast n butter, sugary cereals mostly, and I have no stop switch. I would like to stop eating after say 6 or 7 pm, this is much better for my blood sugars too and my weight! 

Jonathans and I (son) are off to Stratford on Avon on Sunday on a coach day trip, am looking firward to this. 


Made a quick plain sponge cake as kids (ages 18 and 24) moaning no dessert. Sponge and custard or sponge and buttercream icing I made and I never had any, well ok I did lick the mixing bowl spoon! 

Other than being in work haven’t done any exercise yesterday or today. 


I gave up holding in my tummy while walking round clinic, dishy Doctors would require me to suck in tummy! Alas not required presently! 

At least my pants (work) are v loose and not had any button popping moments. !  

(Above) me in work at Xmas looking rather dumpy (with silly tinsel hairband!)


This is what I’m reading at the moment. Makes a lot of sense.  

Also, I went for a 2nd walk tonight (had to go to shop). A half hr walk (at my speed!). Haven’t eaten any late night snacks. Got my lunch out of the freezer ready for tomorrow (quorn mince with veggies and gravy). Come to bed feeling good. 

Did it

Got lift to Heswall, popped in cafe for a naughty Mocha, wandered round all shops. Called in beauty salon, got my eyebrows tinted. Then walked home. Got 3/4 way home then felt v hypo so had glucose tabs. Got as far as library and Neil picked me up.

All in all I walked 1.5 miles. Better than nothing. Think I’ll aim to walk home from work tomorrow. Glad I went out and did some walking, pity about the hypo. 

When I Woke Up

First thing that popped into my head was “oh I will start my healthier lifestyle today”

Crawled out of bed an hour later.  

It’s now a bad self image day, how easy that happens. Well, am dragging my butt off the couch, heading to Heswall for a coffee (skinny) with Neil then I will walk home (Neil will be in car). But I feel like a long walk. Ok it will be at a very slow speed, but I will do it. 


Nope, no more dieting. If dieting doesn’t work then maybe not dieting will help me lose weight. 

Few simple rules though

1: Be happier with me

2: Do some daily walking no matter how small the amount

3: Avoid high sugar high fat foods where possible

4: Minimise late night snacking

5: Eat more fruit but especially veg. 

6: Enjoy life more, smile more